The Best Ways To Manage A Loved One In Rehab

While it may sound self-explanatory, many people do not understand what a drug screening is for or what it tests for. Use this brief guide to learn about common drug tests and their uses.

12 Panel Drug Tests


The most common type of drug test is a urine sample. This standard test is designed to clearly show the presence of drugs. While individual tests, such as marijuana tests, are available, most people opt for the 12-panel test. These tests clearly show the presence of oxycodone, propoxyphene, ecstasy, Quaaludes, cocaine, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, marijuana, amphetamines and opiates. In layman’s terms, the drug screening tests for all major drugs including weed, meth, speed, crack, heroin, morphine, angel dust, and opium.

How Long Do Drugs Stay in the System?

There are several different types of drug screenings in Grand Rapids. While some tests may only reveal drug use within a 24-hour period, most are much more sophisticated. For example, hair tests can detect drug usage from several years prior. This means that a person can test positive for drug use even they are sober.

Why Employers Ask for Drug Tests

Keeping the workplace safe is never easy, but it is much harder when drugs are present. Drugs can make it harder for people to follow instructions, get along with coworkers, and remember important steps. This doesn’t just put the drug drug screenings grand rapids user at risk, it affects the people around them.

Before applying for jobs, remember that drug tests are a very common practice. Even after being hired, be prepared to take random drug tests to help keep the workplace a safe, productive environment for everyone.

Identifying Drug Abuse

Over-the-counter drug tests only show if drugs are in a person’s system; they do not show if a person has a history of abuse or if they need help. A drug screening and assessment is an easier way to detect abuse and gain insight into a person’s relationship with drugs. These assessments are usually a simple series of questions.

If substance abuse is detected during the assessment process, people can start taking action. The professional conducting the assessment can recommend valuable resources to the individual. This helps set them on a positive path towards recovery.

While it is easy to see drug tests and screenings in a negative light, they have a very distinct purpose. Sophisticated drug tests can identify a number of different substances long after they have been consumed. This not only helps employers keep their businesses drug-free, it can be an indicator that someone needs help. Personal drug tests and screenings are available to individuals at any time.

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